Resources for the Newbie Homesteader/Prepper

Homestead Dreamer


I have a serious soft spot for people starting out in the homesteading and preparedness lifestyle. You decide you are going to make these changes and have your head filled with visions of bountiful gardens, fresh eggs, clean air to breathe and being part of a bigger picture. Then you walk headlong into a brick wall that blows the wisps of your daydreams away when you consider where in the world do I start? It was not so long ago that I was sitting in that same chair, thinking the same thoughts. While I am not anything close to an expert or even proficient in all of the things that go with the lifestyle, I have gotten my feet wet a time or two. I have cried, sweated, and bled from different projects and gone cross-eyed from reading so much. Completely worth it. The purpose of this post is to help…

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