You Know You’re A Homesteader When….


wendy snobl

Really, it's winter?!


 You know you’re a Homesteader When….

You watch chickens instead of TV.

You read seed catalogs instead of People magazine.

You bake bread more than once per week.

You cook in your kitchen, not decorate it.

You own more mason jars than you can count, and it is still. NEVER. enough.

You obsess think about what barnyard animal you should add to the mix next.

You have various live and active things fermenting on your countertops.

Your kids think that living science in the kitchen is normal….

You are passionate about raw milk…and cream…and ice cream… and yogurt…and cheese…and all things homemade from home dairy.

You have dirt under your fingernails during growing season.

Your life revolves around seasons….planting/sowing season, growing/watering season (these two could really be lumped together as garden season, is what usually happens around here) harvesting the garden season, hunting season, butchering season.

You have chores to do.

You know…

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4 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Homesteader When….

  1. Hi there Preppin’ Mama! Thanks for stopping by the homestead at Stand upon Grace! Glad you enjoyed the post & got the humor!!! As homesteaders we gotta laugh at ourselves when we are up to our eyeballs in some situations…:D thanks again for sharing the joy!
    Have a blessed Day~Wendy

    • I totally had to giggle at your list! I actually would like to “revisit it” on my blog with my own “examples” put in if you wouldn’t mind…I, of course would give credit where credit is due! Talk about hitting the nail on the head! LOL

      • Hi Tammy! Absolutely go for it, I think it would be fun to add to the list, or see others’ ideas on what it means to be a homesteader! I had so many others, the list could have gone on and on! 😉 Each of us homesteaders brings our unique environments and experiences, I think that is what makes homesteading so unique…the variables are endless! Being a homesteader at heart, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle no matter where you hang your hat is sure to bring many a story…adventures in sauerkraut anyone?! 😀

  2. I’ll be doing that…right after finishing the coop/hutch, going to auction to get my new chicken flock and doe rabbits, start my herb garden, start my veggie garden, hook up my rain water collectors, live trap the stray cat that my dogs are trying to dig through my house foundation to get to, I know there’s more, but my brain is about to implode whilst conjuring the list…did I mention we both work full time outside of the home? Sheeeesh!!!! ;-P

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