Let There Be Light: The Importance of Illumination in Your Preps

There are many things in this article that really made me think,”Huh…why didn’t I think of that?” I hope it will be that useful for you too. It doesn’t matter what lifestyle or neck-of-the-woods (or city) you’re from…this one is definitely universal!


The Importance of Illumination in Your Preps

How important is light?  Well, in the Bible, on the  first day, the very first thing God created was light. This signifies exactly how vital a role illumination plays in  any situation.

Any person who has ever moved from the city to the country can agree, there is no darkness quite like that of being in a place where there are no streetlights, no neon signs, no car headlights, and no light from nearby houses.

When we first moved far away from the city to our little cabin in the woods, the darkness there was of an entirely different variety from city darkness. I’ll never forget the first evening when the moon was hiding. It was a cloudy night that also hid the stars and the blackness was almost palpable. I had stepped outside to take the dog out for her last walk of the evening, and even she was…

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