School Science Project Reveals High Levels Of Fukushima Nuclear Radiation in Grocery Store Seafood

To all who are keeping a pantry (which should be everyone!) You may want to rethink that new canned seafood with that really long shelf life! Especially if you’re risking radiation exposure! My guess would be that this would also have an effect on various fish oils and dietary supplements that are on the shelves (though I have no proof). Does anyone know where to find a guaranteed safe supply of tuna fish and other seafood?


Fukushima Radiation - University Of New South Wales

By Michael Snyder

A Canadian high school student named Bronwyn Delacruz never imagined that her school science project would make headlines all over the world.  But that is precisely what has happened.  Using a $600 Geiger counter purchased by her father, Delacruz measured seafood bought at local grocery stores for radioactive contamination.  What she discovered was absolutely stunning.  Much of the seafood, particularly the products that were made in China, tested very high for radiation.  So is this being caused by nuclear radiation from Fukushima?  Is the seafood that we are eating going to give us cancer and other diseases?  The American people deserve the truth, but as you will see below, the U.S. and Canadian governments are not even testing imported seafood for radiation.  To say that this is deeply troubling would be a massive understatement.

In fact, what prompted Bronwyn Delacruz to conduct her science project was the…

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