DIY Survival: Make the Most of 7 Trash Items


BIG-DIY-trash By Cody Griffin

Disasters come in many different forms and levels of intensity, but one common theme they all share is the destruction they leave in their wakes.  Whether it’s a hurricane, tsunami, or tornado, the once civilized land will turn into a field of debris, wreckage, and trash.

When you open your shelter doors on the day after SHTF to find an apocalyptic wasteland, it will be easy to become discouraged and dismiss your surrounds as remnants of a time gone.  You’ll see destroyed homes and buildings, toppled infrastructure, and heaping piles of nothing more than garbage.  You might look out feel as hopeless as the area around you appears.

When every drop of water, ounce of food, and night of sleep matters, nothing can be considered waste. And that is where you have to change your mindset, starting now! If you find yourself in a survival situation, no matter how…

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